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About Us



You must be at the boat at 7:30 to check in and you will be back by around 4pm. Orca is an ocean going vessel that has been selected as the ultimate boat for both viewing and swimming with dolphins. She is fast, stable and has 360 degree unrestricted viewing. We have customised her for dolphin swimming with a boarding platform and innovative swimbars. These are designed to give you the best swimming and underwater viewing experience, especially for those who are not that confident in the water. Orca comfortably carries 28 passengers plus the crew, making the excursion a more personal experience where you get to spend more time in the water with the dolphins.


We have been taking people out to swim with dolphins for many years, it is extremely unlikely to not find dolphins or other marine mammals on a day out with us. We have a 99% success rate, a 80% swim rate and, if we don't find any marine mammals you are guaranteed a free trip.


Dolphin Swimming Trips
Full day dolphin swimming trips include a BBQ and snorkel at an amazing island as well as getting the opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

Dive Charters
We are available for group bookings for up to 20 divers, and we can customise trips to your preferences.

Private Trips
Birthday parties, weddings, any celebration we are happy to accommodate you.

Mayor Island Transport
We are happy to do drop offs and pick-ups from Mayor Island for those wishing to go camping and tramping around this incredible Island.


We have two options depending on where we find dolphins and the sea conditions:

- You can hold onto the boat using our custom made swim bars or swim mat. The dolphins swim underneath the surface so it is important to look down through a mask – we provide these and snorkels. We don’t enforce the use of the snorkels but you will need to be able to lift your head up to breathe without a snorkel.
- When the sea conditions are calm you can free swim with the dolphins in open water. Don’t do this if you are afraid of very deep water. You will be wearing a wetsuit so you will float on the surface but you should also be fit enough to swim several metres back to the boat.


Our swim mat is specially designed to cater for people who are not confident in the water, it is designed to be a safe alternative to the bars. It offers much the same viewing experience.